A Fixative, Cleaning Agent and Light Adhesive for Objects and Architectural Conservation



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To consolidate friable powdery paint surfaces, TRI-Funori™ is applied as an atomized mist spray with an airbrush. This procedure was used with good success at Glanmore National Historic Site – a prominent Canadian historic house museum. A spray application of TRI-Funori™ effectively consolidated powdery binderless tempera paint on a large architectural frieze as well as on the flat plaster ceiling.

TRI-Funori™ was used with powdered pigments as a medium in the required infill painting, resulting in a dead matte finish.

This was the first large-scale use of any funori-based product as a fixative in a Canadian architectural conservation setting.

Project: Glanmore National Historic Site – Rona Rustige, Curator; Dr. Ian Hodkinson, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University